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Plastic Bloom

Plastic Bloom was an experimental project that allowed me the opportunity to see how my art would interact in nature and with nature. The Bloom of jellies was made using found and up-cycled plastic bottles and bags, old mesh netted loofas that were once used to wash our bodies but are now repurposed into the jellyfish's tentacles. I found this comical since people often fear getting stung by those same tentacles.

The day was partly cloudy with gusts of wind in the high forties. On my kayak, I stowed my jellies ready to be deployed and let loose in the coming storm. I decided to hang them from the mangrove branches, letting them float mid-air. It was a stunning display seeing them flow and dance in the wind, I imagine a bit more chaotically than if they were in the water below. But all the same, plastic can withstand more than anyone can imagine. If done again I'd like to see what would happen over a longer duration of time. Would they deteriorate and pollute the planet further? Would other humans and animals interact with it? 

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